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Tickets purchased through TicketSms are nominative, in particular, events with more than 5,000 spectators require, on the basis of the italian legislation, the obligation of named tickets and checking of the identity of the ticket holder at the entrace. For this reason, upon entering the events above, a valid identity document will also be required to allow the staff in charge of checks to verify that the holder is the one to access with that specific ticket. In case of a mismatch, the event cannot be acessed and it won't be possible to require a refund. On our website, on the event page it will be indicated whether the event is subject to nomination and therefore it will be mandatory to show up at the event with a valid document in order to enter.

You can change the name of ticket's holder if you are the actual holder or if you have purchased the tickets yourself. In case of multiple purchases you can change the name even of just one of the tickets. You can start the change name procedure by accessing the specific section from your user profile or from the summary of transactions, if you are the buyer of the ticket.

To change the name it will be necessary to indicate the Name, Surname and Fiscal Seal on the original ticket (this information is indicated on the ticket itself). Once the data and the right to proceed have been verified, you will be able to enter the new name and phone number to send the new nominative ticket to.

Once the procedure has been completed, the ticket with the new name will be sent to the number entered while the old nominative ticket will be canceled and can no longer be used.

The change name function follows the same time rules as the sale, so it will be available for the entire duration of the sale of ordinary tickets, which is always at the discretion of the event organizer. In the absence of this indication, the entire period until the opening of the event gates will be considered valid.

The maximum number of possible name changes is always at the discretion of the organizer.